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I’m Still Cutting My Teeth

I’ve been feeling a bit restless and unsettled recently. The other day, I was driving home from teaching little yogis, and thinking that it has been almost three years since I decided to take yoga teacher training.  It has been … Continue reading

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Take Your Monkey to Work Day

Never take your monkey to a lock-down drill. Trust me, it’s not a good idea. Unless you’re going for dramatic effect.  Then it’s a great idea. Because those monkeys, they sure love drama. Today I was teaching the kids in … Continue reading

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(for Darlene and Hope , two pretty awesome women I know, who take amazing photos.) Your photos are poems I wish I had written, stories I wish I had told. I see them and think of the moments before them, … Continue reading

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Spring Eternal

There’s a promise in the crocus, there’s a hope that I can see, as she pushes through the frozen ground with such tenacity. Her delicate soft petals defy the wind and frost. All through the polar vortex, her battle wasn’t … Continue reading

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Sing, Sing a New Song

There is always music in my head.   At any given moment if you ask me I will have at least one song playing in there.  Currently, I keep hearing a line from Accidentally in Love over and over: “Come on, … Continue reading

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