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I’m on the Outside Looking In

Some days I dwell in the house of sadness But not today I will not step inside Today I will stand on the porch and peek in through the window I will acknowledge the occupants, but I will not ring … Continue reading

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To My Little One (on turning 12)

As you came into the world you never cried, you didn’t gasp for air, you merely sighed. They laid you on my chest and you just stared. They poked and prodded you. You never cared. Until they tried to pick … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Breathe

It’s that time of year! Christmas is upon us! And by upon, I mean upon. It is starting to press down on me.  Making it hard to catch my breath. The days are long and dark, and the walls have … Continue reading

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Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Magic

Christmas is going to be very different for us this year, because Santa won’t be coming to our house. It was inevitable, I know.  I already had that feeling last year, the feeling that it was going to end soon.  … Continue reading

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Fear Itself

‘Listen to me,’ says Fear. ‘Believe me. I’m here to protect you. Trust me. I’ve done it before, right? Haven’t I saved you from some seemingly bad situations? Haven’t I kept you from making plenty of possibly huge mistakes? Haven’t … Continue reading

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Slow Dive

Last Friday night I stepped into a time machine. I went to the reunion of a dance club that my friends and I frequented in college.  We spent (or maybe wasted) two or three nights a week there, for many … Continue reading

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