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Clarity      (‘I think that I shall never see…’)

  I want to tell you what happened   It was a clear day I was driving in my car I was listening to the Velvet Underground The window was rolled down  The air was crisp  The sky was blue and the … Continue reading

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Roadblocks and Detours and Trains, (oh my)

      If I ever start to think that I am an enlightened being, a “15 minute” drive in New Jersey will set me straight. The yoga studio is only six miles from my house. 15 minutes. But they are … Continue reading

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Mags at 15

My child! My love! A birthday! 15!? How can that be? My sun. My moon. My stardust. You are everything to me. You are empathy and justice. You are ukulele strings. Fullest joy and deepest sadness, Yes, to me you’re … Continue reading

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