1 Minute Meditations & More


Theses meditations are designed to give you 1 minute of peace.

Please feel free to set your timer for longer if you like- 2 minutes, or 5, or 15…


What I want more of

What I need to be today

1 minute of sighs

1 minute of mmmmmmm

Loving kindness for self

Loving kindness for a loved one

Loving kindness for a difficult loved one

Loving kindness for a stranger

Loving kindness for someone who hurt you

Loving kindness for the whole world

1 minute, 4 words

1 minute of noticing

The power of love

1 minute hand in hand

Deep diaphragm breathing 

1 minute with your pulse

1 minute of forgiveness

1 minute of watching

1 minute of puppy training

Counting up

Counting down

1 guided minute of breath

Counting breaths, 5 & 8

1 minute with your nostrils

1 minute of whistling

1 minute of control

1 minute of surrender
1 minute to reboot 


Yoga Nidra. 15 minute Guided Meditation & Body Scan


7 minute Meditation on the Breath

Grounding Meditation

30 minute Yoga Nidra link:


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