Bio Degradabale

A Writer/Yogi friend of mine and I are planning a Yoga/Writing workshop together.  As she gets all of the marketing material together, I see that she needs my bio.   It’s a brief description of who I am, and what I do, professionally.

I don’t have a bio.  The last bio I had to write was over 10 years ago, it was specific to my career in the electronics industry, and it has nothing at all to do with my life as I know it today.   “Bio” means life, and that ten year old bio is not my life at all.  A five-year-old bio would not be my life.  Hell, the way things are changing, even a six-month-old bio would no longer be my life.

Okay, I know, technically it’s only supposed to be a professional bio related specifically to yoga and writing.  Something like:
Kim is a Yoga Teacher (RYT200), a poetess and blogger, who loves spreading the yoga, skipping, wrestling with muses, and daring The Elephant to bring it.

Easy enough, but I am talking about something bigger here.  My Real Bio.  Something that describes the Real Me. My Self with the capital “S” (not myself with the big ass). A snapshot of who I really am.

So… who the hell am I? And who the hell are you, for that matter?   If someone were to ask you to describe yourself, who you ARE, without using things that you DO, without the titles that we get wrapped up in, and take on for portions of our lives, what would your answer be?

Go on, write your bio.  Describe YOU, not a portion of your life, not just a section of your life, but the things that you believe have always been a part of you, and always will be. The unchanging bio of your unchanging Self.

Don’t include things that change.  Not your career, not your titles, not executive, or PhD.  Those things are temporary, they will change.  Not even Wife, Mom, Brother, Daughter, Aunt, or Husband.  Those things are also temporary, and can all change over time.    Those are not things that you are.  Those are things that you do.  You work, you sell, you buy, you run, you skip, you write, you parent….

Make it full of the things that you have probably always been, since you were a child, and hope to always be.     What are the things that are really YOU?  When you look inside of yourself, what are you, really?    Are you kind? Sharing? Warm? Compassionate? Are you obsessive? Miserable? Ungrateful? Envious?  What are you, really?

Think about what you are, at the core of your being.  It can bring you back to your passions, your dreams, your true intentions.  It can help you realign your life. It can help you find a place of peace.

I’m still working on one, but I think it would be something like: 
Kim is a kind, fair, compassionate, grateful, resilient being.  

Then in everything I do, I will simply ask myself, if I am living according to my bio.  Right now, in this moment, am I being kind, fair, compassionate, grateful and resilient?  And if I am not, I should step back, re-evaluate, re-group, and re-align myself, with my Real Self.

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