Maybe It’s Time to Start Blogging

Posted on January 28, 2012 by ksredstone

Four months ago, I started a yoga teacher training course. After my first weekend-, sixteen hours of asana in two days, I thought “Maybe it’s time to start blogging”.

But I didn’t.

Maybe I was just exhausted. I ached everywhere. My legs were like lead weights, hamstrings screaming. I couldn’t lift my arms up over my head. It even hurt to type.

Or maybe it was that voice in my head. The one that whispered softly, and just once: “No one cares about your yogic journey”. Once was enough to make it stick.

The other voice that says “You should do it! It might be fun!” screams and yells at me, over and over. But I choose to listen to the whisperer. Funny, huh?

For four months now, I’ve been reading books about yoga, magazines about yoga, and yes! blogs. about. yoga. Each of them tells a story of a person who has chosen to walk along a yogic path. I find each of them interesting and I take something from almost every one of them. And each time I read one, I think it again… “Maybe it’s time to start blogging”.

So, screw that whisperer! It’s time to start blogging.

Let’s see how long it takes me to make this blog public… that’s a totally different whisperer.

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