Tiny little moments strung together, one after another, make up our lives.   If we live a mindful life, each new moment can be another chance: a chance to decide how we will be, how we will act, and how we will react. We have a chance to do something wonderful.

Every moment of our lives we are making a choice.  We can use the moment to think about the past, to worry about the future, or to simply be present.

We can choose to be joyous, to be grateful, to be sad, to be miserable.   Why not take a deep breath and choose joy?


I sing in the shower and I skip through the town.
I don’t let the anchorman get me down.
I dance in the basement and I run in the rain
‘cause I’ll never have this moment again.

Houses catch fire and levees can break,
and sometimes it seems it’s just too much to take.
Hurricanes, blizzards, mudslides and typhoons,
Republican, Democrat, Socialist buffoons.
People screaming in gas lines, and honking their horns,
(All destined to die the day they were born).

Some say we are living in the End Times,
(as I sit in my house making up silly rhymes).
Now, we can’t just pretend that we live in a bubble,
but worry ain’t nothin’ but borrowin’ trouble.
Bad things can happen, they will, and they do.
I won’t worry about them, and neither should you.

Just sing in the shower and skip around town,
and don’t let the rest of the world get you down.
Go dance in the kitchen! Go play in the rain!
‘Cause you’ll never have this moment again.

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