This Too

It has been such a sad, sad week in our area.  So many people have lost so many things.  My heart breaks as I watch the news reports.

Our town has been affected by downed trees,  flooding, and power outages,  but we have not been completely devastated like so many other towns.

I didn’t lose anything in this storm.   In fact, I have only gained things; a house full of friends and family, a few strengthened relationships, and a clearer perspective.

In our daily lives we rely on our routines.  We move through the day with a set schedule of things to do, and a way to do them.   Our routine keeps us comfortable and keeps us safe.  Even those of us who easily go with the flow can be upset when that routine is disrupted for an extended period of time.

We rely on modern conveniences, and the idea that they are readily available, and always there.   We rely on electricity, heat and hot water at the flick of a switch and turn of a faucet.   We rely heavily on technology.  When we press a button we can watch the news, get cash, order food or clothing to be delivered to the door.

From the looks of the current lines at gas stations, we certainly rely too heavily on gasoline. We can get in our cars and go anywhere we want, or just drive around going nowhere.  We rely on people we don’t even know, all day, every day; the people who are working behind those technologies, who supply our creature comforts.

In a crisis we rely on our family, friends and neighbors.  They can take us in, put us up, and put up with us.   We can move in with them and rely on their comfort and their conveniences.

While we sit and wait, we rely on the powers-that-be to restore the power of our lives for us.   We rely on the fact that things will return to normal again.  We will get back to our lives, our routines. We will rebuild them, and we will replace our lost things; the things that make up our lives.

We have expectations, and we have attachments.  We expect to be able to get back the places, things, even people that we are attached to.

Times of great loss remind us that there is only one thing we can truly rely on.  And that is the fact that nothing lasts forever. Nothing will always be there. No one is exempt from the impermanence of everything.  And hopefully it reminds us that we should not take anything or anyone for granted. We should do our best to always appreciate each and every convenience, each and every moment, and each and every breath.

I didn’t lose anything in this storm.  So many people lost so many things.  My heart breaks for the people who have lost family and friends and homes.   I hope they can find comfort in the fact that this is not permanent, that this too will pass.

I wish them peace.



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