(for Darlene and Hope ,
two pretty awesome people I know,
who take amazing photos.)

Your photos are poems
I wish I had written,
stories I wish I had told.
I see them and think
of the moments before them,
imagine what’s next to unfold.
The images move through my mind
but they’re still.
The words won’t come out,
but I hope that they will
in an instant. A flash
a puddle, a cloud,
there’s  just not enough time
to say them out loud.

All at once all the words
form an image on screen.
In one second
past present and future are seen.
A haiku, a sonnet,
an epic, a tome.

I’ve not been here before
but it’s like coming home.
And although I wish
that the story were mine
it can only belong
to that moment in time,
when you looked, and you saw,
and you painted the scene
of what happened,
what’s coming,
and what’s in between.

It may be a shot
of one second you see-
but each picture you take
is a lifetime for me,



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