I’m Still Cutting My Teeth

I’ve been feeling a bit restless and unsettled recently.

The other day, I was driving home from teaching little yogis, and thinking that it has been almost three years since I decided to take yoga teacher training.  It has been over two years since I quit my job and became a yoga teacher.  Two years ago I was manifesting sh*t all over the place; starting a blog, leaving the security of a regular job, letting go of everything that didn’t serve me.  It was a time of big, tangible changes.

And now, time has passed.  I have settled in to this phase of my life.  I have grown accustomed to this routine.  I found yet another comfortable place to exist.   It has been a while since I shook things up and did something new.  So I decided right then and there that it was time for something new. Time to get out of my comfort zone again. I was going to think of something big to do next.

That night, just before I feel asleep, I felt a tooth break through my gums.  Hmmm. That’s something new.

Yup. A real tooth. Way in the back of my mouth.  Apparently the tooth has been making its way up to the surface for quite some time.

So even though it seemed like nothing was going on, it was.  Very slowly. Small movements every day.  Until one day… Here it is!

Like the changes taking place underground right now, the crocuses, the daffodils.  Like the slow subtle changes in my body as I attempt to get into a challenging yoga pose day after day.  Like the slow subtle changes in the children I teach as they repeat the same breathing exercises each week.

Just because it’s not exciting and shaking things up, just because it’s not big and uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that big change isn’t happening.   It just hasn’t surfaced yet.  It will, eventually, in its own time.

It may take 46 years. And I may be completely surprised when it does surface. But perhaps, it will bring some wisdom along with it.

As for my restless uneasiness?  It will pass. Apparently it’s just teething pain.


  1. I am always restless but find that I want to do everything at one time and I want it NOW. The cutting tooth story is a good one because its one tooth at a time more or less and it doesn’t happen fast.

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