To My Little One (on turning 12)

As you came into the world you never cried,
you didn’t gasp for air, you merely sighed.
They laid you on my chest and you just stared.
They poked and prodded you. You never cared.
Until they tried to pick you up. You screamed!
You couldn’t be removed from me, it seemed.
Not ready to be out there on your own,
suspicious of people and all things unknown,
not ready to be part of your own world…

Look at you now, my sweet suspicious girl!
Standing on the edge of teenage years,
ready to realize all of my biggest fears.
Your hand on the doorknob, ready to take your turn,
and put to use the lessons you have learned.
Your sister’s already out there, waving you on.
Clock ticks, doorknob clicks, and poof, my baby’s gone.
Stepping out into the great wide open.
Your cynicism will serve you well, I’m hoping.
You’re cautious, street-wise, well prepared, I know.
But am I ready yet, to let you go?

I’m not really asking. You already knew that, though.
Happy birthday my baby big girl. I love you so.

shannon 12

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