go your own way

(for Trinity, who might do a handstand along the way, or might not)

Everyone moves at their own pace
No time is ever wasted
Some press through the stream to the other side
Some bend down to touch it, taste it

Some forge through the woods with machete in hand
Some stop to wrestle with demons
Some keep their eyes turned to the ground
Some marvel at the changing seasons
Some start out early, before first light
Others take time to get going
Some float along without a plan
And some insist on knowing
How long will it take? And when will it end?
A year? A week? A day?
There ‘s no timed map for this here trail
Your path is your only way
Some trip and rise a thousands times
Some are too afraid to fall
Some sit cross-legged or cross-armed
And never move at all
Some hear voices in their heads
And let them drift along like clouds
Some hear the voices of others,
Then raise their fists and rage out loud
Some stick close to the trail markers
Some meander through the brush
Some sing songs and march in cadence
Some get lost in nature’s hush
Some like to travel in packs
afraid to be alone
Some need to hold another’s hand
Some prefer to walk alone
Some try to slow you with distractions,
Or force you into line
Some tell you to move faster
They say you’re wasting time.
But you alone must set your pace
No time on this path is wasted
Each rose is yours to stop and smell
Each demon yours, til you’ve faced it
Moving, breathing all the while,
Walk, skip, fly, swim the sea.
Be brave, be fearful, be weak, be strong,
Or choose to simply be.
They might seem far ahead of you
Or behind? It’s hard to tell
All paths are intersecting and
All paths are parallel
Take whatever time you need to take
You will end right where you started
Ready to walk the path again
Clear headed and open hearted

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