This Little Light of Mine

I’m not really one for marking calendars, keeping track of dates, celebrating anniversaries.  But Facebook reminded a friend, who then reminded me, that I taught my first yoga class 4 years ago today.

If I close my eyes I can take myself right back to that day, and invoke all of the feelings.  I was buzzing. Electric. So full of excited/nervous energy all day. I could hardly take a deep breath.  I thought the evening would never come.

And then I was there. Sitting on a rolled up mexi-blanket in front of a room full of friends and loved ones.  I read my carefully written dharma talk about the silkworm breaking out of her cage.  I started to lead people through poses. I remained mindful and completely present in every single moment.

That’s when it happened. I felt a light go on inside of me. A bright shiny light in the center of my chest. Then I could feel it coming out of my face, my eyes, my mouth, my pores.  I was practically on fire.

As everyone made their way to savasana, I didn’t want it to end.  I wanted to hold on to the feeling forever.

We closed the class with the world’s most amazing Ommmmmmmm exhale. And when I inhaled again, I sucked all of the energy of the room into my lungs. I breathed it in. I ate it up. I digested it. I made it a part of me.

I floated out of the building and off to the pub with my OM-ies, but I didn’t even need a beer.  I was pure yoga-stoned. Teaching class got me higher than taking a class ever did.

I was surprised, because I didn’t start out wanting to teach yoga. I took the teacher training to deepen my own practice, and to possibly launder some dirty money.  But once I had a taste of that energy I knew that it was going to be the thing that sustained me.  I was hooked.

It is now four years later. I’ve taught yoga to hundreds of grownups and thousands of children. And I’m still hooked. I’m still lit up!

Just last night I taught yoga in Newark Museum!  In the middle of a light installation!   It was truly amazing. I was in awe, mindful, present, eating up the energy in the room, and fully aware of the opportunities and blessings that yoga continues to bring my way.

I’m not one to mark the calendar, but today is the anniversary of the day I found my light switch.  It is on!  And I am celebrating!





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