1 Minute for a Relative Stranger

This is the 4th in the series of loving kindness meditations.

Grab your phone.

Set your timer for a minute.

Place your left hand on your heart, and press your right hand down on top of it.

Think about a person you see during the day, whom you don’t know very well; your mailman, your gas attendant, your bus driver, etc.  Imagine their face.  Imagine them smiling.

As you inhale repeat:

‘May (he/she) be happy, may (he/she) be healthy.’

As you exhale repeat:

‘May (she/he) be peaceful, free and loved.’

Repeating for 1 minute until the timer goes off. Release your hands,

Take a moment to notice how it feels.

Carry on with your day.


Are you ready for more? 

If you are, string the past few days’ meditations together.
Do 3 inhales and exhales of loving kindness for yourself,
followed by 3 breaths for an easily loved one,
3 breaths for a challenging loved one,
and 3 for a random person you occasionally see.

May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I be peaceful, free and loved. (x3)

May (name 1) be happy
May (name 1) be healthy
May (name 1) be peaceful, free and loved. (x3)

May (name 2) be happy
May (name 2) be healthy
May (name 2) be peaceful, free and loved. (x3)

May (he/she) be happy
May (he/she) be healthy
May (he/she) be peaceful, free and loved. (x3)


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