1 Minute, 4 Words

Grab your phone.

Set your timer for 1 minute. 

As you inhale tap your thumb to your pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky.

As you exhale, tap in reverse; pinky, ring finger, middle finger, pointer. Do this with both hands.

Like this:  

Close your eyes. Let the fingers touch eachother lightly. Focus on the feeling of skin against skin.

When the timer goes off, stop. Notice how you feel.  Go back to your day. 


If you want to continue with our theme, you can tie in loving kindness. 

 As each finger taps, think  happy, healthy, peaceful, free. Then reverse:  free, peaceful, healthy, happy.
Customize your meditation using any words you choose. 

For example: open,  ready, fearless, brave. Or, relaxed, calm, focused, serene…

Any words you need.


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