1 Minute with your nostrils

You might want to grab a tissue and blow your nose before you start this one.

Alternate nostril breathing is one of my favorite practices.  I don’t want to tell you why, because I want you to try it, and see how it makes you feel.

I do recommend that once you get the hang of it, you try to practice it for longer than 1 minute.  But for today, if you’re a first timer, try 60 seconds.

Sit down and relax.
Practice first before you set the timer.

Place your right pointer and middle fingers between your eyebrows.
Press your right thumb down on your right nostril.
Inhale slowly (4 count) through the left nostril.
Cover the left nostril with your ring finger and/or pinky.
Uncover your right nostril and exhale slowly (4 count) through it.
Inhale through the right nostril then cover it again.

Uncover the left nostril and exhale through it.
Inhale through the left, then cover it again.

Alternate nostrils.
Set the timer for 1 minute.

Cover the right. Exhale left, inhale left, cover left.
Uncover right, exhale right, inhale right, cover
Uncover left, exhale, inhale, cover
Uncover right, exhale, inhale, cover
Uncover left exhale, inhale cover…

Focus on the long, slow, alternating breath.

When timer goes off, stop.

Notice how you feel.



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