We’ll See

I got some test results today.  I need to have more tests.  What will they tell me?  We’ll see…

I know I’ve  written about this story before, but it bears repeating. 

A farmer’s plow horse fell and broke his leg.  All of the neighbor’s said ‘How unfortunate!’  The farmer shrugged his shoulders and said ‘We’ll see.’ 

He went about plowing the field on his own.  The people were so impressed with his attitude they pitched in and bought him a new horse.  ‘Isn’t this wonderful! A new horse!’  To which he replied, ‘We’ll see.’  

The horse ran away a few days later and the neighbors were so upset ‘This is terrible!’ they lamented.  And the farmer said ‘We’ll see.’  

His son went out and found the horse and rode it back home 2 days later, and the neighbors cheered ‘Fantastic news!’  ‘We’ll see’ the farmer replied.   

The next day his son fell of the horse and broke both of his legs. ‘How awful! Such a terrible tragedy!’  they all cried. ‘We’ll see.’ said the farmer.

A soldier came and took all of the young men off to fight in the war, except for the farmer’s son with his broken legs.  ‘What an amazing blessing’ the neighbor’s celebrated.   ‘We’ll see’ the farmer said. 
Wait, and see.  

We can’t really judge the results of any situation immediately.  Can we? 

I know people who have landed their dream jobs. They took everyone out for dinner and drinks! They bought new cars! They celebrated! Then they discovered that they hated what they were doing for a living.  They dreaded going to work every day.

I know people who have felt ecstatically blessed on their wedding day. Everyone could see the love in their eyes! They celebrated! They danced! They bought houses! Only to be divorced a few months later. 

I also know people who have suffered through terrible tragedies, been traumatized, hit rock bottom.  But then they found their dharma in their disasters and diseases. They dedicated their lives to helping others in similar situations. They took something seemingly tragic and turned it into a blessing for themselves and for others. 

Whether it seems joyful or tragic, whatever the situation, there is no need for us to judge it as good or bad.  There is really no need to judge any of it. 

As long as you are here, something else is always going to follow. There will be something else after this thing that you are going through. And something else after that thing. And another. And another.

 You’ll see.


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