Got a Pebble in My Shoe

I got the biopsy results today. The thing in my breast is the mother-fuckin-goddamned-bullshit cancer.   The doctor said it’s ‘not the scary kind though’.

Oh, all righty then.  Not the scary kind. But it’s still the mother-fuckin-goddamned-bullshit kind. 

As long as it’s not the scary kind, there’s still no reason to worry.  It will be taken care of.  It will be taken out of me.

It’ll probably just be a huge inconvenience. There will be phone calls. Doctor visits. Consultations. Rescheduling of life. Calendar juggling. Surgery. Treatment plans. It may take up a lot of my time.

There will be moments of anxiety, frustration, depression. Probably a few moments of sheer terror.  It may take up a lot of my energy.

But like everything else that has happened in my life, it will pass.  So I will embrace the journey with all of the courage and conviction and comedy I can muster.

And soon enough, I will add cancer to the long list of things I have survived.

My path may have been altered, this is definitely not the road I would have chosen, but it’s still my road to travel. This moment is still my dharma.

And this moment still feels like a pretty good one.



Let’s listen to Ella. She knows how to deal with adversity.

Ella sings Got a Pebble in my Shoe 



  1. Well, that sucks! Sending healing energy to you. Don’t you go and start wearing pink now! Miss you.

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