Facebook Post Mortem 

I woke up from a dream that my iPhone was broken. A nightmare. I stumbled into the bathroom. 

Sat there. Empty handed. Alone. What did people do on the bowl before social media? Oh, right! Magazines! I’ll have to remember to buy a magazine. Where do they sell actual paper magazines?

Downstairs. Coffee. All alone.

No photos of anyone else’s coffee mugs. I have no idea what anyone else is having for breakfast. I have no idea how anyone’s morning commute is going.

Who missed their bus? Whose train is late? I have no idea how anyone slept or what they dreamed last night. 

What did their kids wear for the last day of school? Is anyone celebrating the solstice? Is anyone’s pet sick?

Who has the day off? Who has a hangover? Who hates Mondays? I have no idea! 

Maybe I’ll play Scrabble. The word of the day is zeitgeber. How cool is that? That is totally share worthy.

Ha! I just had the funniest thought ever. Ever! Oh my god, I have to write it down or I’ll forget… Ha! So funny. 

Wow, look at that weather forecast. Perfect. I should screen shot the next 7 days.

The sky is so blue
I will write all about it
And post a photo

Oh no, it’s back. The earworm! I can’t get this damn song out of my head. Who can I tell? No one is here. How can I get rid of it? I’m doomed!


I guess I’ll just sit here and mindfully eat my breakfast. 

I mixed cream cheese and Nutella together on my toast. I should really tell someone about this new discovery. Delicious. So yummy. You should see it.



  1. I did delete my app this morning (so I can’t comment on FB). I’m looking forward to the freedom this brings me this week, and trying not to think about what I’m missing. I know it won’t be forever but I may plan for a week each month? We’ll see how this week goes.

    • A friend of mine who lives in Norway said they do alcohol fasts. 1 day a week, 1 week a month and 1 month a year.

      I’m thinking it might be a good social media practice.

      But yes, we’ll see how this week goes. It’s all about the exploring!

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