Counting the Cars on the New Jersey Turnpike

This week I read an article about Paul Simon, and his plans to retire from show business.  Simon, who was born in my hometown, Newark, NJ(!), has been making music since he was 11 years old. 63 years of nothing but making music. 

He recently released a new album. The single, ‘Wristband’ is just as catchy as some of his best songs from the 70s and 80s.  The instrumental tracks are mesmerizing. He shows no signs of losing his magical musical touch. Yet, he is going to retire. He’s going to stop making music. 

Why would a music maker stop making music?

He is quoted as saying, ‘I am going to see what happens if I let go. Then I’m going to see, who am I? Or am I just this person that was defined by what I did? And if that’s gone, if you have to make up yourself, who are you?’

He’s going to redefine his self, just ‘to see what happens’.  I love this so much. 

If you stop what you’re doing and make yourself up all over again, who are you?  

July 4th is upon us, and Simon’s ‘America’ is a song I always think of on this holiday weekend. It has a melody and a lyric that never fail to bring me to tears.  

Listen to America.  

I wonder what She would be if She were to make herself up all over again?


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