One Breath at a Time

We do not have to wait for the solstice, or the new year to make changes in our lives. Every single breath we take is an opportunity for great change. Every second of our lives, change is flowing through us, deep-down-molecular change. Can you feel it?

Take a deep breath in right now. 
Then exhale it very, very slowly. Like a slow leak in a tire tube. 

Take a deep breath in.
Exhale it very, very, slowly.
Breathe in so very deeply.
Exhale so very slowly.

Thinking to yourself, this inhale is nourishing me
This exhale is relaxing me
This inhale is cleansing me
This exhale is soothing me
I’m breathing in new air
I’m releasing used air 
I’m taking in a healthy breath
I’m releasing toxins
I’m breathing in the sunlight
I’m breathing out the darkness 
I’m inhaling serenity
I’m exhaling stress
Breathing in patience 
Breathing out intolerance
Inhaling forgiveness 
exhaling resentment
Taking in the present moment 
releasing all moments that have past
Breathing in hopefulness 
breathing out sadness
Breathing in moderation 
breathing out excess
Breathing in gratitude 
Releasing criticism 
Inhaling fearlessness 
exhaling hesitation
Breathing in confidence
Releasing indecision
Inhaling pure joy 
exhaling depression
Taking in amazement 
Releasing expectation 
Breathing in freedom 
breathing out compulsions
Inhaling confidence 
exhaling doubt 
Inhaling peacefulness 
exhaling frustration
Inhaling the truth 
exhaling my illusions
Breathing in resilience
Releasing resistance 
Inhaling self-care
Releasing busyness
Taking in acceptance 
letting go of all judgment
Inhaling everything I need 
releasing the things that don’t serve me
Breathing in what I really want
breathing out what I don’t want
Breathing in contentment 
letting go of worry
Taking in the good stuff 
letting go of the bad stuff.

Breathe in this moment.
Breathe out very very slowly. 

Take time to breathe as you move through the holiday season. 
Give yourself the gift of clarity, presence of mind. The gift of molecular change. 


Can you feel it? 



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