I March For You Anyway

You might think a bunch of people marching in pink hats is a silly, useless waste of time.
S’all good. I’ll get on the bus anyway.

You might think this is all about the party line pendulum, simply swinging back again.
S’all right I’ll shuffle along anyway.

You may have a great job, awesome healthcare, and money in the bank,
I’m happy for you. I’mma go walk with a few friends anyway.

You can call me a man-hater, sore loser, cry baby, left winger.
No worries, keep talkin’. I’m just gonna take a li’l walk anyway.

You may never need birth control, STD screenings, antibiotics, a rape kit.
That’s okay my friend, I’ll march for you anyway.

You might want to build a wall, create a registry, deport my neighbors, govern my choice,
I might beg to differ, but I march for you anyway.

You may not believe that my rights are your rights and our rights are everyone’s rights.
I hope your heart turns, and I march for you anyway.

Maybe you agree with me in theory but for whatever reason, can’t say it out loud.
I got you covered. I will march for you anyway.

But if you think I should get over it, get on with it, just deal with it, then try to understand-
I will get over it. By marching.
I will deal with it. By marching.
I will get on with it. Marching.
And I’m marching for you. Anyway.



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