Weather, or Not

Today we are snowed in, staring out the window at Winter Storm Stella. 

Tomorrow we will start the day off with a period of deep gratitude. It will be followed by a brief but overwhelming sense of joy. 

The peaceful feeling will carry us through the earliest part of the day. 

As the morning progresses, there is a good chance of scattered showers. 

Some of these showers will contain heavy disappointment, flashes of aggravation, and brief episodes of increasing sadness.

There may be a few moments of grief and sorrow, and an occasional mix of anger, confusion, and fear.

The storms will dissipate as quickly as they form, and will be followed by extended periods of fair weather, and increasing calm.  

The day will end with a few moments of deep satisfaction and contentment. 

You may be awoken in the middle of the night by the distant rumble of anxiety. But the panic and dread will remain off shore. 

Sleep soundly, taking comfort in the fact that tomorrow will be more of the same.

In fact the forecast calls for countless days of exactly the same weather for the foreseeable future. 



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