Today is windy, crisp, and clear. 

It rained. For forty days. It seemed
a chilly, eerie, gothic dream.
So hard to bear.

The whole wide world was gray and brown.
The dust was falling all around.
It felt like years.

It dulled the edges and the lines.
I thought that I might lose my mind.
So many tears.

But then I heard the newsman say,
‘We’re in for a sunny, blustery day,
Tie down your chairs!’

I braced myself for the changing weather.
I tied my furniture together
with twine, and haste and care.

Then the wind blew all the dust away…
The world is sharp and crisp today  
and things are crystal clear.

It’s such a glorious apparition.
I’m living in high definition.
It would appear.

So, I’ll sit here looking toward the skies,
and trace the edges with my eyes.
I’ll stay right here

all day. All day until I get my fill.
Because tomorrow could be still. 
It could, I fear.

But today, today is crisp and clear.



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