Thoughts and Prayers (Again and Again)

Once again, tragedy and disaster strike. Once again thoughts and prayers are being sent out into the ether. 
Thoughts, prayers, wishes. Every time something happens, we think, we pray, we wish. And then, we move on. Those thoughts and prayers dissipate. They are internal and abstract. Unless they become tangible, they won’t ever gain any traction. 

And you will find yourself right back here hoping/wishing/praying for the very same things in a few months/weeks/days. 

In order to make this world a better place, we have to take it to the next level. We have to turn those thoughts and prayers into intentions and actions. 

What thoughts are in your head? What are you praying for? What, exactly, is your wish for the world?

Instead of saying ‘I wish/pray that there could be peace on earth’, set an intention for yourself to be peaceful. Then take the energy of that intention, and turn it into action. Set an intention to be the peace. ‘I am the peace.’ Then, in every interaction of your life, be peaceful. With every single person you deal with, be the embodiment of peace. It’s hard work. But you have to invest some time into that thought/wish/prayer if you really want things to change. 

Instead of wishing/praying that the world would be kinder, more compassionate, set an intention to be kind and compassionate, with every person you encounter. ‘I am kindness’. Become kindness embodied. It’s hard work. But you have to invest some time, if you really want things to change.

Instead of praying/wishing for there to be justice, set an intention to embody justice. Call out the injustices you encounter, stand up against injustices that other people face. ‘I am just’. Seek justice in all things, from the smallest to the biggest. It’s hard work. But you have to invest the time and the energy, if you really want the world to change. 

Peace, justice, kindness… What other thoughts/wishes/prayers do you have for our world? 

Take your thoughts and prayers.
Mark them in your mind.
Etch them in your heart. 
Turn them into your guiding intentions.
Carry them with you through every single interaction of your own life. 

Turn those wishes into tangible actions. Take those actions into the world.

Because thoughts and prayers are nice, but what the world needs now is action. 

And blood. Donate blood. 

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