Say his name
And try to sit for moment with his parents’ pain
Let those feelings swirl around your body and your brain
Until it’s almost too much to bear

Say his age
And sit for just a moment with his family’s rage
Let these feelings rattle around inside your cage
Until it’s almost too painful to care

Say his race
And sit for a moment and stare at his face
Let yourself question why this is the case
Until you almost find the answer

Say his town
And then sit your privileged ass right down
And take a really good look around
The system is riddled with cancer

Say his name
And sit for a moment with his family’s pain
And realize if your kid were treated the same
It would be too much for you to bear.

Sadly, there are many names that can be said. But this particular boy’s name was Jordan Edwards. This photo has been haunting me since I first heard the terrible, tragic story. This child could be any one of the children that I move and breathe with in yoga classes in Newark. Not my own child, because, y’know, I’m white. But he could be any one of my yoga kids. And his story breaks my heart over and over and over.

And so, I say his name.

One comment

  1. This is one tragedy that never seems to stop unfolding…And yet, every time, people emerge out of the woodwork saying how some shooting or the other was justified.

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