Snow Flakes

Nothing will go as planned for me today. No classes will be taught. No errands will be run. I have to drop all of my plans, and let go of all of my expectations, because last night, millions of tiny obstacles fell from the sky and covered my car and blocked my doorway. And so today, is a snow day.

The weather is much bigger than I am. I can’t get angry at it. Well, I can. But there’s no point in struggling against it, no sense in wasting my energy fighting, because Mother Nature is much more powerful than I am. She is in complete control. So I acquiesce. I know I have no other choice. I will get on with different things.

Maybe I’ll start some of those un-started projects, or finish some of the unfinished ones. Maybe I’ll make some long overdue phone calls, or even write some letters. Maybe I’ll cook up a storm, bake up a cake, clean up some clutter. Or maybe I’ll just laze around and try to do absolutely nothing.

We can’t fight things that are out of our control. And there are oh, so many things that are beyond our control. Every single thing- every single thing– outside of us is beyond our control. Obstacle after obstacle, falling on our path, like millions and millions of snowflakes, piling up, one by one.

But nothing is bigger than our reaction. Luckily for us, our reaction is bigger than everything.

If only I could encounter/enjoy/embrace every single obstacle in life the same way I embrace a snow day.


A pair of mourning doves enjoying the snow day.


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