There’s Nothing Like a Song

This past Tuesday I fell in love. And I fell hard!

I was driving to work, fighting traffic and trying to make a plan for my classes, when a new song came on the radio. As soon as I heard the first few phrases, my busy mind completely emptied and there was nothing else in it. Just the song.

I immediately knew I was in love again! Love, like in a movie, when the guy/girl sees the guy/girl from across the room, and everything else around gets blurry and there’s nothing in the frame but his/her bright face, sparkly eyes, gleaming smile. Everything else just disappears. Pure one-pointed focus. Unadulterated love. Sigh.

The sound of it went beyond my ears. I could hear it in the center of my chest. I could hear it in my bones. It popped and crackled on my skin, as my hair stood on end. I closed my eyes and breathed it in. I could smell it and taste it. It was moving through me and floating all around me. I was one with the music. We were destined to be together, this song and I.

So now it has taken up near-permanent residence in my head. Continual internal background music as I move through my day. As with a new lover, I am obsessed. I want to spend all of my time with it. I want to tell everyone about it, but I want it all for myself. I am smitten. And I have been for days.

I was sitting and listening to the song playing in my head yesterday when I received a text from my daughter, the Music Major. She asked me a question without a question mark.

y’ever hear a new song that
you feel such a strong
connection to that you think
you knew it in a past life, even
tho it wasnt yet written and you
werent yet conscious

YES! Yes! That’s it! That is what I’m talking about! True love! So I replied:

Yes!!!!! The song I sent you and
I’ve been listening to on repeat
for 3 days. JS Ondara. What song
are you talking about?

(My question had a question mark.) And she went on to tell me about the latest love of her life, IDKHBTFM. She is smitten too.

What a wonderful feeling to be in love! I’ve had this feeling many times before. Each new love is different but not better than the others. And some are everlasting. There are still songs from 40 years ago that give me goosebumps today. If I close my eyes and pay close attention, I am transported back to the moment we first met. The moment I fell.

Ah, music. Sweet music. There is nothing like a song.


At least once a day I make a mental list of things I’m grateful for. The list always changes, but some things are constant. Music makes the list every single time.


Listen to my latest obsession. JS Ondara, Saying Goodbye.

Hear Maggie’s most recent love. I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Social Climb.

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