Easing the Pressure

It’s been 17 days since I spiked a fever and consulted my doctor. I know I’m on my way to well, but this virus is lingering. I’m still exhausted, and still coughing intermittently. But I’m feeling a little stronger every day!

Somewhere along the way, on day 10 maybe, I read an article about doctors keeping patients in the prone position. So I got off of the couch and into a restorative yoga pose that we call Prone Savasana.

At first it made me cough a little bit more, because things were moving around in my lungs, but after a minute or so I could feel that the heaviness in my chest was easing up. I felt some relief. I could breathe a little deeper, and the cough subsided. I noticed that after a few minutes of doing it, I would cough much less.

So I’ve been doing it every day, several times a day and I really think it has helped. This is by no means medical advice. This is yoga advice. If you’re coughing and you feel tightness and heaviness in your chest this might give you some relief. It helped me. It continues to help me.

Put a cushion on the floor, or pile 2 or 3 pillows on top of each other on the bed and lie down on them. Let all of your weight release into the pillows. Let yourself be as heavy as you can. Take slow deep breaths. Stay in this position for a few minutes, then slowly make your way out of it. Notice if you feel any relief. I hope you do.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay home.


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