Breathe with Me

I’m way out of my comfort zone here, but so what. It’s a freakin’ pandemic. Low self-esteem be damned!

Here’s a 10 minute gentle chair practice to free up some space for deep breaths. Deep breaths that I couldn’t take 3 weeks ago without hacking. Deep breaths that I am so grateful for.

Breathe with me here- Gentle chair yoga


  1. We did it!
    We usually do TCTSY and this was new for us. We prefer in the chair, so yay
    It was fun to do yoga with you!
    Is that a collection of vinyl behind you in the video? If so, can you tell us how it is sorted? 💕

    • Yay! Thank you for practicing with me.
      Yes, there are about 5400 records in the collection that has overtaken my yoga space!! And they are separated by genre, then alphabetized.

      • We liked seeing you

        How do you categorize Ktel records?
        We had a compilation with yellow polka dot bikini. That made us laugh

        LP of Spiderman vs the Green Goblin used to scare us when Goblin crashed through the glass at the daily bugle. Yikes!

        We used to love Steve Martin wild and crazy guy. We had that thing memorized

        On 45s, the only B-side we ever liked was “happy trails” Van halen. Maybe “pretty woman” on A-side?

        Listened a lot to Sgt. Pepper, Little River Band

        Mostly though we listened to 8-track

      • There is a section for compilation albums. That’s where the Ktel records are. The Purple People Eater was on the same album as the yellow polka dot bikini. I loved that song as a kid. And does Your Chewing Lose it’s Flavor?

        I have a big box of 8tracks somewhere from Columbia House Music Club. Styx. Moody Blues. Air Supply. 🎶

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