People, Get Ready

Some of us
ride a roller coaster
with our hands up in the air.
Eyes wide open, big toothy smiles.
Laughin’ and cheerin’.

Some of us grab onto the bar,
white knuckled,
Clenchin’ until the descent,
then screamin’ at the top of our lungs.

Some of us close our eyes.
Grit our teeth.
Hold our breath.
And don’t make a single.
solitary. sound.

Makes no matter
how you choose to ride right now.
But be sure you’re strapped in tight.
Because your whole fuckin’ world
is about to shift.

(Just get on board)


Listen to my earworm –People Get Ready by Curtis Mayfield.


  1. We get so tummy sick from motion rides. Life very similar. We ready for big changes to society. We are not ready for all the violence. We so scared from that. We try to stay in peace and love. You have had lots of tumult. We see that. May the ride be smoother

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