Moving Day

When the clock struck midnight
it took me by surprise.
How on earth had the time
continued to pass,
when my heart had been
too broken to beat?

But pass it did,
and the counting continued down,
until the ball fell, silently.
The coldness of it all stinging me into consciousness.
Shocking me back to existence.

I am a stick figure,
in an empty Time Square
on the calendar.
No other people,
and no plan.

It’s time.
I know it’s time.
But I am unable to step across that line.
Boxed in.

How can I move to a whole new year?
The first year without you in it?


  1. I think because many endured tragedy before we did. They continued to move forward and enjoy life and eventually try to look back with a smile. Our job is to somehow find the light, the smile, and do the same.

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