Memorial Sunday

Took a solitary walk through our patriotic park system on this rainy Memorial Sunday.
I paused at each monument for some silent reflection on the names of the soldiers, set in stone.

I got lost in listening to the gentle patter of raindrops on my poncho,
then the cadence of my own footsteps,
as I fell into a rhythm,
marching on to the next stone, the next flag, the next wreath of flowers.

Deeply breathing in the sorrow of those who lost loved ones,
gently breathing out love and light to the families of the fallen,
those who died in service,
and those who made it home, but continued to do battle in their own bodies, hearts, and minds,
until ultimately succumbing to their own unending war.

May they Rest In Peace.
And may WE commit to working for that peace,
each in our own lives, each in our own way,
so that their suffering and ultimate sacrifice will not be in vain.

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