Recovery Road

You were broken when I met you,
and I had been broken too.
Through the chemical haze of brokenness…
somehow we both knew,
That we were on this trip together,
we’d help each other survive.
And as the road stretched out before us,
I began to realize-

Recovery Road ain’t linear.
There’s hills and valleys, dips and climbs.
It wasn’t gonna be an easy trip
for two drivers with broken minds.

I slowly put myself back together,
piece by piece, one day at a time.
You were with me on that journey.
Sometimes ahead, sometimes behind.
With eyes on the road, and hands on the wheel,
Sometimes staying awake was a fight.
And whenever you veered off course,
I told you, that it was gonna be all right-

Because Recovery Road ain’t linear,
There’s hills and valleys, dips and climbs.
And it isn’t an easy journey,
for drivers with broken minds.

Now the road stretches out behind me
and you’re nowhere to be found.
Somewhere along the way
you got lost and turnt around
without a word of warning.
And now what am I to do?
I thought we’d always ride together,
How many times did I tell you-

that Recovery Road ain’t linear,
There’s hills and valleys, dips and climbs,
We knew it was never gonna be easy
For drivers with broken minds.

Recovery Road ain’t linear,
There’s hills and valleys, stops and starts,
It ain’t ever gonna get easier,
For a driver with a broken heart.
You didn’t listen when I told you.
Now you’ve gone and broke my heart.


    • Thank you for your kind words of concern. I’m good. As long as I’m writing, I’m good. Sometimes a poem is just a poem to me. A way to connect with others who have lost someone along the way. I hope you’re well.

  1. Felt this pretty deep. One day you look around and everything has changed. Recovery isn’t always pleasant. Dealing with emotions with new coping skills isn’t easy and not everyone makes it, but overcoming the disappointments makes you stonger.

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