Resolute Intention

In 2022 I will wake up on each newly gifted morning,
with a resolute intention
to take the next right steps, in order to do the next right things.
To speak the next right words,
and maneuver along the next right course of action.
To pause before saying, doing, responding or reacting,
so that I may first have the right understanding.
To focus my attention on the right things,
so that I might see clearly and concentrate my efforts appropriately.
To live a life based on loving-kindness,
compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity.
To align my livelihood with peace and justice,
so that I might do what is right for other beings and the planet,
and contribute rightly to humanity.
To remember with every breath
that this life, as all things, is ever changing and impermanent,
that the first world is a small world,
and that the bigger picture is co-existence and coalescence.
To carry into every interaction, a clean slate and an expansive heart.
To tackle every small world problem with a big sky mind,
remembering that the fullness of the sky is, in fact, its emptiness.
To hold onto this intention, as all things, loosely,
knowing that clinging to anything at all,
much like grasping at a cloud, is the root of all suffering.
To strive to understand the true nature at the center of all things and all beings, with acceptance, without judgment.

And should another newly gifted night arrive,
I will lay down my head, with ease and grace, and sleep soundly,
knowing that I spent my day guided by gratitude,
and leading with love.
And I will hope to be lucky enough to rise again, another day,
with a resolute intention
to take the next right steps, to do the next right things…

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