I Am The Forest Floor

I’m grateful for the forest floor. The churning of time has produced a mature compost. A deep pile carpet. A soft place for my feet to land.

So much is happening, here on the forest floor. Tree litter moves through various stages of decomposition. It breaks down, decays, and is absorbed into the soil. Repurposed as nourishment. To cycle again through the forest.

New growth breaks though the forest floor. Ivy. Ferns. Wildflowers. Tiny tree sprouts with the potential to become… mighty.

There is clarity on the forest floor. Each component has meaning and purpose. Each piece in a constant state of process. Changing, moving, evolving. Forever unfixed, and permanently impermanent.

All timelines flow together on the forest floor. The past, present and future co-exist there. Simultaneously. Without barriers or distinction. Birth, life, death, rebirth.

The meditative mind is a forest floor. Chanting, ‘Sa Ta Na Ma. Sa Ta Na Ma.’ All things at one time. And nothing at all.

I am grateful for the forest floor.

A brief meditation- Close your eyes. Softly whisper Sa Ta Na Ma a few times. Then louder a few times. Then softly again.

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