Dogwood Time

Last night I dreamed the dogwood trees
were covered up in blooms.
I saw them as I looked out of the window of my room.
A pink and white Explosion on the end of every branch.
I know now that Spring is coming soon.

Last night I dreamed of speeding through a tunnel made of steel.
Soaring past the strobe lights as my tires began to squeal.
A car ahead stopped short and I thought it was The End.
But I know now that none of it was real.

Last night I dreamed you left me in the dark, and all alone.
You were gone, and I was screaming, for you to come back home.
Someone grabbed me from behind- I gouged his out with My keys.
And I know now I can survive, on my own.

Last night I dreamed of music I had never heard before.
Major chords, so powerful, pounding out, 4/4.
I woke up singing words that made sense of Everything.
I know now, that I deserve, much more.

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