Sanskrit Dream

During our first week of teacher training, we made a packet of flash cards for ourselves.  Each card had the English name of a pose on one side, and the Sanskrit name on the other.  Almost every pose ends with the Sanskrit word Asana, which means pose.   Balasana,  halasana, bhujangasana, etc..  I was sure I would never be able to remember any of them.

The second weekend, our teacher read the English out to us and expected us to respond with the Sanskrit.  I got lucky with one or two of them, but my brain just was not getting it!

That night, when I got home I had a beer (or two) and watched a documentary on HBO about the life of George Harrison.  Then, I slept the sleep of the completely exhausted, probably dehydrated, and perhaps a bit tipsy.  And in my dream, everyone was speaking to me in Sanskrit.

Some dreams are very vivid, and there’s some I can’t recall,
but last night I dreamed in Sanskrit and I understood it all.

Asanas and yamas were floating through my head.
I completely comprehended each word not being said.
Cross-legged Maharishi floating inches from the ground.
I barely even blinked when he gifted me my sound.

Sometimes I’m late for a math test, running through an endless hall,
but last night I dreamed in Sanskrit and I understood it all.
A room full of low sweet sounds drifting softly to my ear,
sinking deep into my brain, and becoming crystal clear.

George Harrison touched the guru and then slowly walked away.
As he passed me on my mat he whispered “Namaste.”
Once I was Debbie Gibson and I was singing in the mall,
but last night I dreamed in Sanskrit and I understood it all.

The elephant in the corner held his hands out, like a bowl,
saying “Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah”, his words became my soul.
I breathed in Om and breathed out Sah, as I lifted off the floor,
and followed the sound of the mantra as it drifted through the door.

Sometimes I’m on the edge of a cliff, and I wake just as I fall.
Last night I dreamed in Sanskrit.
And I understood it.


This poem can also be found in The Poetry of Yoga Volume 2

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