This is Your Last Christmas Card

Dear (friend/family member)

I am including this note with the adorable photo card I am sending you, to let you know this will be the last holiday card you receive from me.  I think the idea of Christmas Cards is one whose time has passed, for me.  I realize you may still enjoy the tradition, and I encourage you to continue practicing it.  I hope you respect my decision to discontinue it.

 I have been receiving cards for more than two weeks already and for some reason I refused to open any of them.  They sat on the counter in a neat pile, unopened. I think I was conflicted about the whole idea of Christmas Cards.  I’ve been deliberating about sending them at all this year.

I was thinking about posting a status on FaceBook, and sending out an email letting everyone know that instead of sending out cards this year I would be making a $200 charitable donation, in the names of our friends and family.  The cards really do seem like a waste of money, when I think that most people probably throw them out after a few weeks anyway.   And while I have a soft spot in my heart for the United States Postal Service, Christmas Cards leave an awfully large carbon footprint.

Besides, if you want to see cute photos of my kids, or get an update on my life, you can just go to my FaceBook page.  In five minutes, you could know what I have been doing all year.  There are pictures of the girls’ sporting events, band events, memorable vacation moments. You can see the restaurants I’ve gone to, the places I’ve taught yoga, the friends I’ve hung out with.   If you go to my blog, you can even see right into the workings of my brain.  Do I really need to send you a card?

And please, don’t feel obligated to send me a card.  I will not feel slighted in any way if you don’t.   I already see you every day on FaceBook.  And I see your kids.  Taking their first steps, eating their first birthday cake, playing hockey, doing gymnastics, getting awards, being silly.  I see your dog, on the couch, in the car, in the park.  I see your cat, on the chair, on the windowsill, in your Christmas tree.  So I’ve seen your Christmas tree.  It’s beautiful by the way.  And I have seen your dinner.  Your breakfast and your lunch.  Your commute to work.  Your commute home.  Your entire vacation.  I know what you ate today, and where your elf on the shelf is right now.  Is there a really a need to send me a card?

Not that I mind getting them.  And I know that it’s hard to let go of traditions.  So please send them if you must. But know that I probably won’t keep them for long.  Although I did save them for a lot of years, we live in a tiny house. And I can’t imagine keeping every photo card I get every year.  I would need a closet just for them if I did.

An e-card would be fine.   Or better yet, a visit. Let’s actually spend some time together.  Raise a glass. Have some laughs. While we are hanging out perhaps we can take a few photos. We can post them on FaceBook.  And I’ll keep them in my cloud forever.

Happy Holidays,


  1. Cards? We’ve gotten cards? Where are they all? Ahhh, I see… No wonder my side of the mattress is high and lumpy. I found em.
    Yer Kids are cute! Keep sending em.

  2. I’m not on FB! and I don’t throw them out! So you have to keep sending to me 🙂
    Or we see each other more often. (that’s not a threat)

  3. I prefer homemade cards not store bought ones , they are more meaningful because they are made my the person who sent it. We should send electronic email greetings instead.

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