Please, Don’t Be an Asshole

Kim Davis has every right to believe that same sex marriage is wrong. She has the same freedoms that we all have. But refusing to perform her job, and refusing to obey the law is a different story. Let justice be served.

So, maybe you think that Kim Davis is just a big, stupid asshole. You have every right to think that. You even have the right to spread horrible hateful Kim Davis memes all over the internet. I’ve seen them. Some of them are pretty funny.

But if we run around yelling about her multiple divorces or hoping she becomes some big strong butch girl’s bitch in prison, aren’t we assholes too?

Aren’t we spreading the very same kind of hatred that we’re raging against?

The best thing we can do for a person like Kim Davis is hope that her heart turns somewhere along the way. We can hope that she comes to understand the true meaning of compassion and human kindness.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to fill our own lives with so much compassion and human kindness that even assholes like Kim Davis (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or whoever the asshole dujour is in your world this week) have the opportunity to live their lives and change their minds, to see the goodness in others, to embrace the humanity of every social interaction.

So please, don’t be an asshole. Not to prove a point. Not to toot your own horn. Not to make yourself feel better than ‘them’. Not for laughs. Well, maybe for laughs, but not at someone else’s expense.

Remember that hate breeds hate, and intolerance is contagious. On all sides. Theirs, and yours.

Luckily so is tolerance. And understanding. And kindness.

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