Clarity      (‘I think that I shall never see…’)

  I want to tell you what happened 

 It was a clear day

I was driving in my car

I was listening to the Velvet Underground

The window was rolled down 

The air was crisp 

The sky was blue and the sun was shining 

Up ahead I saw a tree 

An amazing tree whose colors danced in the breeze as if they were on fire

Red, orange, gold and greens

The shear beauty of it all took my breath away

I pulled to the side of the road

I turned off the radio and sat there 

In silence 

Lost in the leaves

Lost in the wonder of it all…
That’s when it happened

As if a veil was lifted 

Everything became as crisp and clear as the day itself

Everything became clear 

There in the leaves

In the burning blowing leaves

I saw 


And for one moment 
One fragile



I understood it all 

I understood it all. 



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