“You Haven’t Changed a Bit!”

Tonight, there is a small reunion of my high school class.  It was a tiny class to begin with, somewhere around 50 women. So maybe 20 or so will show up tonight.   It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of these women. A good long while.

Okay, I’ll say it.  It has been 30 (THIRTY) years. Where has the time gone?

I am not one for looking back, and I’m not much for small talk, and I dread those obligatory conversations. Someone will walk up to me and say:

“Soooo…. What have been up to for the last (THIRTY) years?”

Ugh.  What will I say?

“Well, let’s see…
I went off to college and I found my tribe.
I acquired a taste for ramen and beer.  (Mmm, beer)
There was music, so much music.
I danced away nights and slept away days.
I decided to save the world.
I stared mental illness in the face.
I read countless volumes, and wrote countless pages.
I wrestled with demons and muses and elephants.
I gained 30 pounds, lost 20, gained 80, lost 40, gained 10, lost 20, and I threw away my scale.
I saw friends marry, and I watched friends die.
I climbed up a corporate ladder and stepped off onto a yoga mat.
I developed ailments and cured my soul.
I lost a few lovers and found my true passion.
I sunk into a valley, and clawed my way back up the mountain.
I found a perfect partner, and was wise enough to keep him.
I birthed a couple of human beings who have grown into teenage aliens.

My father died.
My heart broke, and I decided to leave it open.
I’ve learned to fall in love with everyone and everything.
I have laughed out loud a million times.
I’ve let go of more than I’ve taken on.
I’ve breathed out more than I’ve breathed in.
I’ve had flashes of inspired brilliance,
moments of pure enlightenment,
hours of utter joy.
I have lived. Oh, how I have lived.

And you? How about you?”


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