The Long Fall

If I should lose my sense of sight,
Please remind me of the leaves.
All the colors in the world, converging here upon these trees.

If I ever lose my hope,
remind me of the days like these,
The clear blue sky, the smell of dirt, the almost cold November breeze.

If I lose my sense of sound,
Please tap the rhythm on my sleeves.
Sing the song onto my skin, and fill me with a sense of ease.

If ever I should lose my mind,
Lock me up and take the keys.
Walk away and don’t look back. Go and find more days like these.

But if I lose my sense of sight
Walk me out beneath the trees,
Hold my hands and help me as
I lower down onto my knees,
Describe to me the colors
of the slowly changing leaves,
The bittersweet, the beauty, of the dying autumn leaves.

If ever I lose sight of them,
Remind me of them, please.

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