B.C. / A.D. 

Yesterday I sat with all the sadness of the world.
And then today I danced with all the joys.

Yesterday I sipped coffee, in silence, as I cried.
Today I laughed as we unwrapped our toys.

Yesterday I wept, and thought of how I missed my dad,
Today I sat down in his chair and smiled.

Yesterday I cried for all the people who were sad.
Today I saw life through the bright eyes of a child.

Yesterday I scoured the news until my eyes were red.
Today I didn’t even turn on my TV.

Yesterday I opened my heart to every person’s pain.
Today I let the love and light flow right through me.

Yesterday I sensed all of the wrongness in the world
Today I felt a bit of what is right.

Yesterday I felt the rush, the stress, the suffering.
Today I felt the calm, the peace, the light.

Yesterday I cried for all the evil in the world.
Today I tried to see the good, and smile.

Yesterday I wished the world could be a better place.
Today I thought it was.

For just a while.

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