This Magic Moment

It’s New Year’s Eve.
In a movie.
A crowded room. A band playing. People dancing.
And then it starts.
10… He freezes on the dance floor and looks around. Where is she? he thinks.
9… She is in line for the bathroom. Her eyes open wide when she hears the countdown.
8… He pushes through the crowded dance floor
7… She makes her way down the hall “Excuse me. Excuse me.”
6… His head bobs from side to side, up and down over the crowd
5… She is running, gracefully, down the large staircase
4… He looks up and sees her there on her way down. His eyes light up.
3… She steps onto the floor and moves toward him.
2… The crowd is too thick! They are not going to make it!
1… Just a step or two away from each other.

And then it happens. Time stands still for a brief moment.

Will it be long enough? Will they make it? Will they have enough time to come together, wrap their arms around each other, and let their lips meet, for that all important kiss. The kiss that holds the key to a happy ending and the promise of a new year. Is this one of those movies?

Oh, the suspense! I am holding my breath.

It is that moment, the moment when we are holding our breath, just waiting for the exhale. That is where all of the magic is. Everything has been building up to that moment. When the clock slows down, the real magic happens.

While we hold our breath, everything else in the world stops, and for a little while, anything is possible. Then the clock strikes midnight, and the confetti falls, and everyone yells “Happy New Year!” and we exhale.

You can make some magic for yourself right now. It’s easy.
Take the deepest breath in through your nose while slowly counting to 5.
Hold the breath in your lungs while counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2,1.
And then sigh out a big exhale.
Then do it again. And maybe again…
The more you do it, the more magical moments you will have in your life.

Happy New Breath. Happy New Day. Happy New Year.


Here’s a little more magic for you. The Drifters, This Magic Moment.














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