1 Minute Of What You Need to Be

What do you need to be today?
What is the quality that you need to possess today?

Do you need to be fearless?
Focused ?

Think about what you need to be today and say the words:
Today I need to be ___________.

And then:
Today I am going to be _________________.

Grab your phone. Sit yourself down and set your timer for 1 minute.

Start breathing deeply and slowly.

As you breathe in, think-
I am aware of my breath.

As you exhale, think-
I am ______________.

Inhale: I am aware my breath.

Exhale: I am _______________.

Repeating it for 1 minute.

As soon as the timer goes off, stop.

Take a moment to notice how you feel after 1 minute of being __________.
And then get back to your day.

Throughout the day, any time you find yourself aware of your breath, stop and think,

I am aware of my breath today.

And I am _____________.


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