1 Minute Of More and Less

Think of something you want more of in your life. Not cookies, or soda, or money or beer. Nothing material like that.

Something like laughter, or peace, focus, space, forgiveness, compassion or patience…
And think of something you want less of in your life, something like chaos, stress, clutter, fear, anger…

Pick your 2 things for today.

Grab your phone.
Sit yourself down and set your timer for 1 minute.
Start breathing deeply and slowly.

As you breathe in, think-  I am inviting more …. into my life.

As you exhale, think-  I am releasing a bit of …. from my life.

Continue repeating, inviting and releasing.

As soon as the timer goes off, stop.

Take a brief moment to simply notice how you feel after 1 minute of mindful intention. And then get back to your day.

Perhaps you can take another minute to do this again later in the day with different words.


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