1 Minute of Puppy Training

Your brain is like a room full of puppies.  Each one wants to run around here and there, sniffing this and chewing on that.  None of them want to be still and calm.

Imagine if you could have a room full of puppies sitting quietly on the end of their leashes.  Each time one started to move, you could gently tug the leash, and they’d be still again.

Grab your phone.  Set your timer for one minute.

Focus on your breath.  Try to remain focused on your breath.
Each time your thoughts wander and you become engaged in them, pull them back to the breath. Like a puppy on a leash.

Continue to do this for one minute.

Notice how you feel when the timer goes off.
Maybe 1 minute wasn’t enough time to tame the puppies.  Why not try for 2?


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