The Final Frontier

I am sitting on a swing.

I start slowly,
leaning my upper body forward and bending my knees back so my feet reach behind me.
I swing back.

Then I straighten my legs out in front of me and lean my body back.
I swing forward.

I continue bending and straightening, bending and straightening, bending and straightening, moving forward and back, forward and back, forward and back, forward and back.

I begin gaining speed, looking up at the sky as I lean back, feeling the wind on my face as I lean forward .  Swinging higher and higher and higher.

I swing forward so high that the chains lose tension for a brief moment.
I am weightless                   floating       for a          split second.

I am taken back.
I fold and bend and then flatten as I come forward again, searching for that space.

The chain loosens, I feel the release,  I am in that space.
Weightless              floating                 still.

Then I am taken by the motion again,
swept up in the swinging  until I make my way back to the momentary            stillness.

I am sitting on the floor, breathing in and out.

Slowly and deeply. I imagine my breath as that swing.
I inhale, filling my lungs. I exhale and empty.   I let the breath get longer, slower, more exaggerated.

I inhale deeply for a count of 5.  I exhale for 5.
I inhale for 6, and exhale for 6.

I inhale for 7, and I become aware of the tiniest      space       between the inhale    and      exhale. I exhale for 7.

I inhale for 8. I’m there again, in      that       space.
I am neither breathing in nor out.
Exhale for 8.

Inhale for 9.  I am here, in       that      space.
I want to live here in this space
effortless              weightless           still.
Exhale for 9…



As I move through my days.  I keep finding these        spaces.

The brief empty         places      in the constant stream of thought.

The tiniest of moments between action      and         reaction.

The weightless       effortless       unfettered       moments of pause.

I’m becoming

more and more







of the










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