Maybe Just This Year…?

In movies, snow falls softly as the choir of children sings.
In movies, when the bell rings an angel gets its wings.
In movies, there is joy and peace, glad tidings of good cheer.
But I haven’t been able to sit through a single Christmas movie this year.

Years ago I wrote out cards, stamped envelopes by the dozens,
Addressed to old coworkers, uncles, aunts and long lost cousins.
Personal salutations, talk of parties, talk of beer.
But I didn’t even send one single Christmas card this year.

There was a time when I believed in the spirit of the day,
The hopeful-joy-come-manifest, all swaddled in the hay.
I felt the promise of the star shining brightly, shining clear.
But I haven’t felt that spirit in my heart. No, not this year.

The children’s laughter, claims, requests, would raise my spirits high.
I’d smile and shout Happy Holidays to all the passers-by.
I’d talk about the joy of it all to whomever was near.
But I haven’t been feeling very sociable. Nope, not at all this year.

Once, the world was all abuzz with hope and change and light.
Our momentum seemed so steady, our direction just felt right.
But now it seems the world is full of hatred, lies and fear.
How can anyone truly believe in the spirit of Christmas this year?

Once the world was full of Dreamers
Who were tearing down the walls
But now the dreams lay dying, in the hollow hallowed halls.
The past is past. It’s over. And the future’s so unclear.
…I just can’t get myself to believe in all that Christmas stuff this year.

I’ve tried to muster up the joy, to dig for Yuletide cheer.
I really did look everywhere and now it’s pretty clear
There are so many reasons, but the biggest one, my dear…
…there simply can’t be Christmas, now that you’re no longer here.

I just won’t believe in Christmas this year.
No, I won’t believe in Christmas, this year.

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